Custom made 注文制作: 小/Small 下北沢のおやつ / Snacks in Shimokitazawa

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【注文制作 下北沢のおやつ】
・最大200mm×200mmサイズまでのお好きな大きさで制作します。より大きいサイズは「注文制作 中・大」をご検討ください。

〇透明水彩絵の具(W&N 赤・青・黄色)



[Custom made painting Snacks in Shimokitazawa]
- The Painter buys foods in Shimokitazawa and paints them for you.
- The foods will not be delivered together with the painting.
- You can specify the size of your paintings within H200mm W200mm. For larger size, please chose M or L size of Custom made painting.
Framing fee is included. The painter choose suitable frame and painting mat after hearing your requests.
- It takes approximately a month to finish the painting. (It may change depends on the timing. Expected delivery date will be decided and sent to you when order is received.) Please feel free to contact us for your request or question.

- Watercolors(W&N Red, Blue and Yellow)
- Paper(Arche)

[Snacks in Shimokitazawa (and where they bought)]
You can choose from
- painted foods in this shop
- foods produced at the same shops
- painter's reccomendation
If you have any request, let me know.

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¥18,700 tax included

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